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Scam messages

Have you received a message claiming there is a shipment for you and that you have to pay before you can get it delivered?

Please note that we do NOT send out these messages.

If you have received a message like this it is probably a scam, especially if you do not expect a shipment. Even if you expect a shipment and believe your message is legit we recommend not clicking any of the links, contact the shipping company or the sender by some other means.

Please enter the tracking number for your shipment:

This looks like a air cargo number, suggest you try our air cargo tracking:
This looks like a container number, suggest you try our container tracking:
This looks like a bill of lading number, suggest you try our bill of lading tracking:
This looks like a post/EMS number, please read our guide to postal tracking:
We can not say for sure what kind of tracking number this is. Suggest you ask the sender if he did not provide this information.

What to do if tracking did not work for you

If you have done what we suggested above and it did not work for you try the following:

No results

Make sure you have been given the correct number and that the shipment has actually been posted.

Not moving/Not delivered on time

If the shipment has not been delivered as promised or has not been moving for a long time you should contact the shipping company. Click here to see our guide on this.

Questions to the tracking results

If you have questions to the results you should contact the shipping company. Click here to see our guide on this.

Error message/Not loading

Click here to report to us if you see a error message after tracking or the result page is not loading.

If you're not contacting us about a shipment:

Sorry, we were unable to store your information. Please try again later.

Please enter some information about the problem/error you want to report:

Please enter your suggestion:

Please complete the form below:

You don't have to enter your email, but if you do please make sure you enter it correctly so we can get back to you

Thank you, your information has been stored

We will look into the issue as soon as possible, if you provided a valid email address we will respond.

If you have problems using the form or for some other reason don't want to use it you can contact us by email.

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