Guide: How to track postal shipments

International postal shipments have numbers with 2 letters + 9 digits + 2 letters(examples: EE123456789XX, CD123456789XX), the origin country will be selected automatically for these. There may also be other formats used for domestic shipments and similar, for these one may have to select country manually.

Postal shipments can be tracked from our Post/EMS page:

Enter the number and click "Track with options" to see the results from the origin country.

IMPORTANT: Also track in the destination country where possible to make sure you get the most recent results. You do this by clicking "Select country" on the left and then selecting the destination country from the list that appears.

If you have questions to the tracking results, delivery or other things about the shipment you must contact the shipping company. Click here to see our guide on how to contact the shipping company.

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